The Best Hydration Drink

Finding the best hydration drink can be a challenge, and it is important to keep in mind the essentials that our bodies need to function. Most “hydration” products are loaded with sugars that our bodies not only don’t need, they don’t want. The most important thing a hydration drink gives us is the water, followed by various bonus ingredients that can help us go the distance.

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  1. Amino Acids- Important in cellular repair
  2. Antioxidants- Fight free radicals and improve metabolic function
  3. B vitamins- Sustain natural energy production
  4. Glucosamine- Lubricates joints
  5. Minerals and electrolytes- Important for physiological performance and are lost during exercise and sweating
  6. Vitamin C- Helps boost energy and immune system

You’re hard pressed to find many hydration drinks out there that offer all of these components, with none of the stuff that slows us down. Here are a couple that we think deserve a shout-out:

Good-Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes- Hammer’s Hydration drinks comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, and full of electrolytes.

Great- Nuun- Portable, dissolvable hydration tabs packed with electrolytes, which are essential in getting and staying hydrated.

Greatest- Hydrate and Recover- Not only do we like this name (we’re not sure which came first) we really dig this drink. Hydrate and Recover is packed with every single ingredient on our list, and keeps us going through all of our adventures. This stuff tastes great too, and pairs well with other products offered in the WA line. Check them out!

Interesting chart comparing the ingredients in Wilderness Athlete’s Hydrate and Recover to other popular hydration drinks:

(Click on chart to enlarge)

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